It’s a delicious kind of irony, or maybe just desserts, that after having grown up “in the country” and not liking it very much at the time that I now find myself back in the country and, this time, I’m loving it.  The things we’ll do for love.

After graduating high school, I was anxious to get to know a more sophisticated world, so I went away to school, built myself a nice career in the business world, lived in the big city and then fell in love.  As luck would have it,  Mr. Rosemary and I both lost our jobs at the company where we both worked.  Although really too young to retire, we decided we had enough to live simply and comfortably and moved away from the city. 

The farm didn’t happen right away, but in a couple years we bought a 150 acre farm that needed a lot of work.  So we set about remodeling and fixing things up and getting a couple horses.  It’s been quite a ride.

During all this, we both worked a little here and there.  Mr. Rosemary had a couple special projects with former colleagues and I had some great telecommuting assignments and freelance writing projects, occasionally substitute teaching as well.  But we’re pretty much what is so nicely called “semi-retired.”

“Sprigs of Rosemary” started as just a creative outlet for me, a place for me to write and share my heartfelt belief that food is a language that binds us all and bridges all kinds of real or imagined barriers. 

And I love to write about all things food – history, memories, recipes, new ingredients, people.
But a surprising thing happened along the way . . .  I began to love blogging because of the community.  This was a benefit I was not really expecting.  And I enjoy every new friend I’ve made, every new recipe I’ve tried, every new story I’ve read, every comment I get much more than I ever thought I would.  My cooking has improved, I've learned so much and I'm even getting (a little) better at my photography.

I am grateful for all the technology that makes it easy for me to be a part of this broader and more sophisticated world.  Sometimes I feel like I’m straddling two worlds, but us Librans like balance!

Welcome and thank you for visiting here.  I hope you’ll come back.