Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiter! There's a Kumato in My Salad!

It's delicious!  It's beautiful!  It is engineered, but when you're hungry for something that's fresh and juicy after all the holiday indulgence (and it's not over yet!) this new kind of tomato called the Kumato more than fits the bill.
My sister brought me one of these mahogany colored gems she bought at Wegman's the other day and I posted the question  here "What kind of tomato is this?" My first comment came bright and early from Wegman's, the store where she bought it. I have only been in a Wegman's a couple times but each time I'm like a kid in a candy store -- so many new and different things to me. And my eyes get bigger than my stomach (and my shopping cart) and I get more than was on my list (which doesn't happen if my husband is along for the ride.)
It has a harder, stronger skin than our usual tomatoes, which means it has a longer shelf life.  (The official Kumato website says they will keep uncut on your counter for up to two weeks.  But do refrigerate them once they're cut.)  They're predominantly available in European countries but are becoming more readily available in the United States as well, especially in more metropolitan areas.
Guess I'll be making more trips to Erie to Wegman's, with a cooler, and without you-know-who.
Tomorrow?  The Kumato in my farro salad.
Kumato product shot


  1. Very cool, I learn so much about food everyday

  2. Hi Rosemary!

    Thanks for the mention. We're glad we could help solve the mystery. What a fun way to play with your food.

    Another out of the ordinary produce item we've had a lot of fun talking about with customers online is a veggie called Romanesco...Nella Neeck, manager of produce vegetable meal solutions at Wegmans wrote a blog post about it back in September and people were still talking about it on twitter and blogs even in November! It's a fun "what veggie is this?" Here's the link to see for yourself-

    Unfortunately it's now out of season, but maybe a future contender for a sequel- "waiter, there's romanesco in my soup!"

    Best wishes to you in the New Year!

  3. I have never heard of a Kumato! I used the link to pop to their website to learn what it was (always suspicious when a vegetable has a registered trademark sign next to it). Sounds like a specific variety of tomato. Thanks for the post! Also thanks for popping by my blog today; it lead me to yours!

  4. Unfortunately, we have no Wegmans, but I'll keep my eyes open for a kumato. A good winter tomato would be a real treat.


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